Social Responsibility

The Qori Warmi Cooperative was founded by cacao producers from different sectors of the VRAEM. They came together because of their joint objectives, such as the sustainability of the value chain of cacao that they belong to. A relevant characteristic of the partners is their ability and effort in the production of cacao. A weakness is their poor knowledge of cacao business and limitations in partnership management. It is important to consider that they are located in a place where informality still stands because of the illegal activities, trust is still very poor.

The partners are aware that the commercial and entrepreneurial activities of the cooperative must be carried out in total order and transparency. They also know their many comparative advantages such as the specialization in cacao, which they must benefit from at differentiated prices. The organization has Organic and Fair Trade Certifications.

The cooperative carries out, with their partners, the following activities which are important for the sustainability of their value chain:


Most cacao producers in the Qori Warmi Cooperative have productive parcels installed under the agroforestry SAF systems, they prioritize fertilization that synchronizes with the trimming and the integrated pest management, keeping the natural fertility of the grounds and protecting the water sources.

Post Harvest

The post harvest carried out by the cacao producers consists of gathering in centralized post harvest modules which are composed of the reception area of cacao, the fermentation area, the drying area and the storage and dispatch areas. In the harvest, the product goes through strict fermentation, drying and storage protocols, for special markets.


The Qori Warmi Cooperative aspires to commercialize 100% of the cacao production of its partners, for special export markets with Organic and Fair Trade certifications. They are looking for the best opportunities of clients that value collective effort and product quality, which is reflected by higher incomes and better services that the organization can provide to the partners and their families.

Value Added

One of the entrepreneurial activities of the Qori Warmi Collective is making chocolate for the local regional and national markets, with the purpose of commercializing cacao with an added value in chocolate bars with a registered brand that contains high cacao concentration.

Cooperative strength

The Qori Warmi Cooperative is aware that there is a need for a constant strengthening of the organization. They carry out programs to strengthen social, administrative, and management aspects so that the whole community is informed, trained and motivated to keep growing and expanding the organization, as well as diversifying their products with good organization, transparency and equity.