Bienvenido a Qori Warmi
Welcome to Qori Warmi
Artisan organic cacao and chocolate
Cooperativa Agraria Agroindustrial Qori Warmi
Agroindustrial Cooperative Qori Warmi
Organización con modelo empresarial sostenible, con socias fidelizadas, líder en el VRAEM, y referente nacional


Our products are handcrafted with cacao

Tsiname Cacao Paste

Exquisite fine cacao paste for chocolate with a 100% cacao concentration. This cacao paste won the gold medal in the international Chocolate Awards.

Tsiname Dark Chocolate 100%

Delicious chocolate with a 100% cacao concentration, elaborated with the finest cacao grains in the VRAEM. This chocolate won the gold medal in the International Chocolate Awards.

Social Responsibility

We improve our community


Most of the producers of the cacao Cooperative Qori Warmi have productive parcels installed under the agroforestry SAF system

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Post Cosecha

Post Harvest

The post harvest process that cacao producers carry out consist of gathering in centralized modules of the organization.

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The Qori Warmi Cooperative aspires to achieve commercialization of 100% of their partners' cacao production, for special export markets with Organic and Fair Trade certifications.

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Valor Agregado

Value Added

One of the entrepreneurial activities of the Wori Warmi cooperative is the production of chocolate for the local regional and national markets

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Fortalecimiento Cooperativo

Cooperative strength

The Qori Warmi Cooperative is aware of the need to continuously strengthen the organization. They carry out a program to work on social, administrative, and management aspects.

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We have Organic and a Fair Trade certifications